2011 Employee of the Month Archives

Alisa Davis

January 2011

Alisa Davis, Admissions Coordinator at the Missouri Veterans Home – St. Louis

Alisa is being recognized primarily for her outstanding performance as Admissions Coordinator. Her dedication and excellent service to the residents started in 2005 as a night shift CNA on the Special Care Unit. She then advanced on to the staffing department, timekeeping, and then Assistant to the Director of Nursing before taking her current position as Admissions Coordinator.

Alisa works tirelessly to assure census numbers are incompliance with MVC directives and that the admissions process runs smoothly for the new residents. In addition to her duties as Admissions Coordinator, Alisa takes time to assist other departments and areas to make sure the residents have the first class service they deserve.

Mark Jones

February 2011

Mark Jones, Veterans Service Officer for the Northeast Region

Mark is being recognized for his superb work ethic and dedication as a Veterans Service Officer. Mark has worked through lunch to assist Veterans, worked holidays at outreach events, and provided outreach to incarcerated Veterans the Jefferson City Correctional centers. Through these tireless and diligent efforts, the number of client Veterans and dependents at the Jefferson City office have significantly increased.

A particular example occurred when Mark assisted a 103 year old Veteran by first securing VA healthcare benefits and then arranging and personally transporting the Veteran to the local CBOC for his health appointment.

Kalani Rankin

March 2011

Kalani Rankin, Senior Office Support Assistant for the Higginsville Veterans Cemetery

Kalani is being recognized for her positive outlook, insight, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile. Upon assuming her duties at the cemetery, Kalani divided her responsibilities into component parts and reviewed all procedures to quickly learn the intricacies of her position. On her own initiative, Kalani began a series of in-depth audits to ensure accuracy and compliance with cemetery and Commission policies and checked more than 5,000 pre-certification and interment files for accuracy of information in the cemetery database.

Kevin Onstott

April 2011

Kevin Onstott, Capital Improvements Specialist II for the Missouri Veterans Commission.

Kevin is being recognized for the exemplary manner in which he performs his responsibilities to all commission programs as the Capital Improvements Specialist. While working closely with two Veterans Homes on their solarium and chapel projects, Kevin discovered one of the construction projects was not being built according to specifications, resulting in the contractor being required to comply with the specifications through disassembly and re-construction.

In addition to his regular duties, Kevin has devoted considerable time and energy in helping the homes program ensure a safe environment for residents and staff. Of note is his successful completion of training and certification as a Fire Inspection Specialist, enabling him to work with all the home’s Plant Maintenance Engineers to enhance their fire prevention measures and life safety code regulations.

Chanda Saultz

May 2011

Chanda Saultz, Director of Nursing for the Missouri Veterans Home – St. James

Chanda is being recognized for her leadership in planning, organizing, and coordinating the movement and relocation of residents during the recent replacement of the Missouri Veterans Home – St. James sprinkler system.

Chanda volunteered to take on the responsibility to move and relocate 25 residents at a time while the residential units were undergoing demolition and reinstallation of the sprinkler system. Chanda assembled a team of personnel and needed equipment for each move in a timely fashion. She was present at every move, on the job early and staying late, maintaining proper records so that at the end of all moves, the resident was back in his or her original room.

Ashley Catron

June 2011

Ashley Catron, Certified Nursing Assistant for the Missouri Veterans Home – Cameron

Ashley was selected as the June 2011 Missouri Veterans Commission Employee of the Month. Ashley is being recognized for her caring, compassionate, and helpful attitude towards Veterans, co-workers, and visitors. Ashley’s compassion was exemplified recently when upon recognizing the fear a Veteran was having regarding an upcoming surgery, she sat in his room and answered any questions the Veteran had. If she did not know the answer, she went and found them. Ashley then volunteered to escort the Veteran to the surgery center and wait for him until he returned home, even though this meant she would be late getting home to her children.

Ashley has a positive influence on those she meets and has received rave reviews from Veterans, family members, and co-workers for her willingness to lend a hand and assist wherever necessary. Ashley has also received good-natured notoriety as a “young lady who obviously cares about how she looks to the Veterans” with her hair pulled back and her scrubs clean and looking pressed.

Becky Hoover

July 2011

Becky Hoover, Certified Nursing Assistant

Becky Hoover, Certified Nursing Assistant for the Missouri Veterans Home – Cape Girardeau, was selected as the July 2011 Missouri Veterans Commission Employee of the Month.

Becky, who started at MVH-Cape Girardeau fresh out of high school 16 years ago, is being recognized for her hard work, dedication and compassion to ensure the care Veterans receive is as close to the care they would receive at home from their families. As a CNA on the Special Care Unit, Becky is known for her gentle and quiet voice, putting the Veterans at ease, enabling her to encourage the most challenging residents to take a bath or get up for an activity when no one else has been successful.

A recent example of Becky’s dedication and compassion was during the recent passing of one of the Veterans. During the end of life, the family had been sitting vigil by his side, however due to circumstances had to leave before his passing. Holding to the facility’s belief that no Veterans should pass alone, Becky stayed with the Veteran, holding his hand and calmly reassuring the Veteran during his passing.

Nina Stults

August 2011

Nina Stults, Office Support Assistant

Nina Stults, Office Support Assistant for the Missouri Veterans Cemetery – Springfield, was selected as the August 2011 Missouri Veterans Commission Employee of the Month.

Nina has been selected for her outstanding work ethic, dependability, and ability to get every job done with a high standard of excellence. Nina recently completed a 4-year project of entering 14,775 files into a database with complete accuracy, enabling proper retrieval of those files. Nina worked weekends for two years to ensure the proper scheduling of services for the upcoming week.

In addition to her regular duties, Nina learned to conduct committal services for the Veterans and family members. Her services are conducted professionally with an eye to ensuring the needs of the families are met.

Tim Turner

September 2011

Tim Turner, Veterans Service Officer for the Northeast Region

Tim has been selected for his outstanding work ethic, dependability, and dedication to serving Veterans as a State Veterans Service Officer. Tim makes every effort to ensure all Veterans are treated with respect and pride, working tirelessly to see to the interests of all Veterans and their issues.

Of particular note is when Tim went beyond his duties to assist a disabled Veteran who was about to give up after trying for 10 years to obtain the VA benefits he was entitled to for his military service. Tim visited the Veteran at his home, promising to exhaust all available resources to assist with the claim. After returning to the Veteran several times to get the necessary information, signatures, and documentation, Tim made sure the claim was submitted accurately and timely. As a result, the Veteran was awarded over $40,000 in back pay and was receiving $1,046 per month in additional VA benefits.

Melinda Summers

October 2011

Melinda Summers, Laundry Worker for the St. Louis Veterans Home

Melinda has been selected for her outstanding work ethic, honesty, dependability, and dedication to serving the Veterans at the Missouri Veterans Home – St. Louis. Melinda is noted for always being willing to lend a hand to her co-workers, being one of the first to volunteer to work different shifts to ensure all laundry is finished and the residents have what they need.

Of particular note is when Melinda found a wallet in the laundry containing a significant amount of money. Melinda made sure the resident was found and the wallet and money returned intact. This endeavor displayed Melinda’s honesty and integrity, making her a benchmark for her co-workers.

Tammy Smith

November 2011

Tammy Smith, Senior Office Support Assistant for the Missouri Veterans Cemetery

Tammy has been selected for consistently going over and above her duties to ensure successful programs that honor those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Tammy’s administrative, coordination, and organization skills were exhibited when for the Bloomfield Memorial Day Ceremony she established the program content and events, designed the newspaper advertisements, developed and sent out press releases to all regional news agencies and community information programs, developed several mass mailing databases, and designed the program brochure and certificates of appreciation among other activities necessary for the successful completion of such an event.

Additionally, Tammy developed many time-saving procedures that allow Cemetery Directors and Senior Office Support Assistant personnel to accomplish research, compilation and data editing more efficiently.

Mike Pemberton

December 2011

Mike Pemberton, Maintenance Worker II for the Missouri Veterans Home - Warrensburg

Mike has been selected for the outstanding manner in which he performs his job in maintenance at the home. He is known for quickly fixing anything in need of repair and is appreciated by the nursing staff for explaining things to them as well as providing minor troubleshooting ideas they can use to reduce calling Maintenance staff in after hours. Mike's communication skills are noted as his most outstanding trait. He is appreciated for always listening and being courteous and friendly in his contacts with staff and residents.

Additionally, Mike is recognized as being highly capable when covering for the Maintenance Director when he is not at the facility.