2010 Employee of the Month Archives

Amber Siasoco

January 2010

Amber Siasoco, Clinical Casework Assistant II at Cameron Veterans Home

Amber was selected for the kindness and generosity she displayed when dealing with a Veteran suffering from dementia who was confused and upset about not having her saxophone. Amber secured funds to purchase a saxophone and also made sure the Veteran had everything she needed by providing delivery, assembly, and her own personal saxophone reeds to ensure the Veteran could play on the instrument. Amber strives to connect with each Veteran in their reality and make that reality a little more special each day.

Amber was honored at a ceremony at the Cameron Veterans Home on January 13, 2010 at 10 am.

Betty Edison

February 2010

Betty Edison, Receptionist at St Louis Veterans Home

A 16-year employee of the St. Louis Home, Betty was selected for her unique knowledge and understanding of the needs and concerns of our Veterans and their families. Betty is constantly aware of all aspects of the front lobby and assists Veterans, greets families, volunteers and visitors both in person and on the phone in a friendly, inviting manner. She recently assisted a Veteran deal with the grief and loss of his father, who was also a Veteran at the home as well as the son's roommate. In addition, during the holiday Betty organized, solicited, and distributed a "meal drawing" for staff members who might have been challenged to provide all they would like for their families for the holidays.

Betty was honored at a ceremony at the St. Louis Veterans Home on February 10, 2010 at 11 am.

Donald (Don) Adams

March 2010

Donald (Don) Adams, Plant Maintenance Engineer at Mexico Veterans Home

Don was selected for his actions during an A/C chiller breakdown in June 2009 at the home. Knowing the importance of keeping the building cool and the Veterans comfortable during outside temperatures of around 100 degrees, Don worked to obtain portable air conditioning units, even travelling to Kansas City to pick up the units and returning early the next morning to install the units. Additionally, during this time period, the city water main outside the facility broke, leaving the home without water. Don worked with the supply manager to distribute emergency drinking water, cooking water, and potable water for plumbing purposes.

Don was be honored at a ceremony at the Mexico Veterans Home on March 22, 2010 at 9 am.

Janice Frank

April 2010

Janice Frank, Personnel Analyst at Missouri Veterans Commission

Janice was selected for her positive impact on the morale of MVC employees through her prompt, professional, and cheerful responses to inquiries, no matter how busy she may be. She is also being recognized for her guidance in assisting supervisors in submitting timely and accurate PERform documents.

Janice was honored at a ceremony at the MVC Central Office on April 12, 2010 at 8:30 am.

Susan Kendall

May 2010

Susan Kendall, Certified Medical Technician at Cameron Veterans Home

Susan was selected for going beyond her duties as a med tech, taking the time to visit with residents as she passes out medications, greeting them with a smile and caring attitude. Recently, Susan's special touch was noticed when she sat with a particular dementia resident who had difficulty communicating and needed extra emotional support, singing hymns with him and stroking his arms, easing his anxiety. This type of individualized care and concern makes Susan an invaluable asset to the Cameron Veterans Home.

Susan was honored at a ceremony at the Cameron Veterans Home on May 26, 2010 at 2 pm.

Sandy Brinkley

June 2010

Sandy Brinkley, Laundry Worker I at St. James Veterans Home

Sandy was selected for being a "doer" in her department. She is constantly looking for the best and most efficient means to ensure the Veteran residents always receive fresh linens, and offers guidance and advice to co-workers on working "smarter" not "harder." Sandy is also recognized for being instrumental in establishing the Buddy System, helping new employees feel welcome and become acclimated to their work environment.

In addition to the above, Sandy is active in the Employee Relations Committee and its Helping Hand Program, working to improve and maintain positive morale. A stand out incident occurred when Sandy allowed employees to cut firewood on her land for winter heating purposes, leading other employees to offer the same to their fellow workers.

Sandy was honored at a ceremony at the St. James Veterans Home on June 16, 2010 at 1 pm.

Robert Wilson

July 2010

Robert Wilson, Veterans Service Officer

Robert was selected for the exemplary and consistent manner in which he carried out his duties while managing a number of changes in his VSP coverage area. These changes included moving his home office from Branson West to the county courthouse in Forsyth, managing the opening of a new and very busy outreach location at the Branson VA clinic, and helping secure American Legion support for a new outreach location at the Kimberling City American Legion post. Additionally, Robert agreed without hesitation to cover a weekend veteran's outreach event outside of his coverage area. All of this was accomplished without asking for assistance and with a minimum of "fuss and bother."

Robert was honored at a ceremony at the Missouri Veterans Commission Central Office on July 12, 2010 at 10:30 am.

Ralph Pismany

August 2010

Ralph Pismany, Veterans Service Officer

Ralph was selected for his outstanding efforts to actively pursue and participate in outreach opportunities to the veterans in his area. One effort was to contact his state and federal representatives to solicit opportunities to share information with veterans in their districts, leading to one state representative organizing an event where Ralph's presentation lead to pension claims being filed by several veterans in attendance. Ralph has started a "cold call" system to reach out to skilled nursing care and assisted living facilities to inform residents of possible veteran or survivor benefits. Ralph has also sacrificed personal time beyond regular working hours to operate information booths, provide presentations, and contact veterans whenever possible. These efforts exemplify what it means to be a true Veterans Service Officer.

Ralph was honored at a ceremony at the Missouri Veterans Commission Central Office on August 9, 2010 at 2 pm.


September 2010

Letisha Spain, Nursing Assistant I

Letisha was recognized for her outstanding performance as a Nursing Assistant I. She has been recognized by those she serves for being well organized and for making the care and comfort of the residents her number one priority. Of special note is the care Letisha provides to a quadriplegic resident. Her attitude and ability made him feel at ease and confident in Letisha’s ability to make him comfortable.

Letisha will be honored at a ceremony at the Missouri Veterans Home – Mt. Vernon on September 8, 2010 at 2 pm.

Tracy Rosenow

October 2010

Tracy Rosenow, Admissions Coordinator for the St. James Missouri Veterans Home

Tracy was recognized for her outstanding performance as Admissions Coordinator and for her willingness to help out wherever possible when admissions at the facility were put on hold due to upcoming construction which significantly impacted her normal schedule. As a result, Tracy assisted the St. Louis Veterans home with admissions several times and was known around the St. James facility as a “go-to” person when staff needed assistance with projects. Through all of this, Tracy maintained a friendy, upbeat and positive attitude helping out wherever she could and continued to maintain the waiting list and keeping in contact with those needing admission.

Corbin Hottel


Corbin Hottel, Activity Aide I at the Cameron Missouri
Veterans Home

Corbin was recognized being kind, courteous, and helpful, not only with assisting the residents, but with providing assistance to other departments in the Veterans Home. Corbin regularly makes himself available to the Recreation Department on outings that require a male Certified Nursing Assistant without asking what is required of him or the destination. He assists residents, helps with loading and unloading the vehicle, securing wheelchairs, and socializing with the Veterans. On another occasion Corbin drove a Veteran 240 miles out of state to attend a funeral visitation for a loved one. On yet another occasion when the home was visited by the Harlem Globetrotters, Corbin arranged for a Veteran on the Special Care unit to be able to come out and see his favorite team and have his picture taken with them. Corbin’s attention to the Veteran’s individual needs are exemplary and especially noted and appreciated.

Mary Johnson


Mary Johnson, Physical Therapy Aide at the St. Louis Missouri
Veterans Home

Mary is being recognized for her outstanding performance as a Physical Therapy Aide II. Mary has worked at the St. Louis home for fifteen years, starting out as a CNA and worked her way up through Physical Therapy Aide I to her current position. Mary is also recognized as hard working and caring individual. An example of this is when she initiated an Award Certificate program for the Veterans on her restorative caseload. Initially funded out of her own pocket, Mary awards Veterans with a certificate if they work hard on their assigned tasks. When they get five certificates, Mary rewards them with a canteen ticket book, also funded out of her own pocket. Once the management learned of this great initiative, the facility took over the costs involved.