2009 Employee of the Month Archives

Jan Smith

September 2009

Jan Smith, Supervisor of Volunteer Services at Warrensburg Veterans Home

Jan was selected for her leadership abilities which have led to a dramatic increase in the annual volunteer hours and monetary contributions to the Home as well as her organization capabilities which have provided many amenities to the Veterans at the home through incredibly successful fundraising activities.

Jan will be honored at a ceremony at the Warrensburg Veterans Home on September 21, 2009 at 2 pm.

Donnetta Iven

October 2009

Donnetta Iven, Personnel Clerk at St. James Veterans Home

Donnetta was selected for ensuring the personnel files are kept in superb order which has resulted in zero deficiencies in every recent VA survey, her helpfulness in explaining benefits information to new employees and willingness to rearrange her schedule while hiring employees, and consistently make herself available to help her peers, enabling them to operate at a higher level of efficiency as demonstrated when she implemented a new PowerPoint for New Employee Orientation, and assisted the Staff Development Coordinator with training classes on dementia, while planning for a new staff appreciation event.

Susan Rechterman

November 2009

Susan Rechterman, Custodial Worker I at Warrensburg Veterans Home

Susan was selected for her dedication to provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment for our Veterans, staff, and families and for her friendly and cheerful attitude. She is also recognized for being proactive in preventing a flooding event one evening by hearing water running and alerting the House Supervisor. Susan is a team player, communicates in a professional and polite manner, and has the utmost respect for her co-workers, Veterans, and their families.

Susan will be honored at a ceremony at the Warrensburg Veterans Home on November 23, 2009 at 2 pm.

Jamie Threlkeld

December 2009

Jamie Threlkeld, Senior Office Support Assistant at Jacksonville Veterans Cemetery

Jamie was selected for going above and beyond her normal duties recently during the transition between directors. For two months Jamie took charge of the facility, maintaining operations and providing expertise and assistance to the families of our Veteran heroes. Jamie continually maintains a friendly, cheerful attitude and upbeat and positive demeanor to her fellow employees and provides compassion and a gentle disposition to the Veterans' families.

Jamie will be honored at a ceremony at the Jacksonville Veterans Cemetery on December 29, 2009 at 11 am.